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Public Works and Engineering

Mailing and Physical Address:
325 Metcalf Street
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

Fax: (360) 855-0733

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Important Notices

The new Emergency signal installed on SR20 at Puget Avenue operates like this.
The new HAWK signal installed on SR20/Moore Street between Haines and Reed Street uses traditional traffic and pedestrian signal heads but in a different configuration. Watch this video to see one in action.
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy - Resolution No. 833-10
  • Inspection Request Line
    Phone: (360) 855-0139 - leave message

    • Engineering inspections must be called into the inspection line
    • A 48-hour notice is required for scheduling

Public Works and Engineering


Director of Public Works
Mark A. Freiberger, PE
Phone: (360) 855-0771
Direct: (360) 855-9933

City Engineer
David Lee, PE
Phone: (360) 855-0771
Direct: (360) 855-3219

Engineering Technician / Project Inspector
Wally Hoyt
Phone: (360) 855-0771
Direct: (360) 855-9924

Local Source Control Specialist Contractor
Carol Worthen
Environmental Health Consultant
Mobile Phone: 206-853-8814

Public Works Assistant
Julie Rosario
Phone: (360) 855-0771
Direct: (360) 855-9932

Permitting Technician
JoAnn Lazaron
Phone: (360) 855-0771


Public Works and Engineering


City-wide benchmarks

  • City Datum
    • Vertical: NAVD 1988
    • Horizontal: NAD 83/91
City Street Sweeping Schedule - Effective November 2013
City Truck Routes - Effective July 2014
Complete Street Ordinance 1676-10
General Fee Schedule - Effective October 5, 2009
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy - Resolution No. 833-10

Road Striping - It is illegal to driver over freshly painted traffic markings (WAC 308-330-412)

Playground Safety Policy - Effective April 2014
Snow and Ice Control Policy - Effective October 2014
Snow Plow Routes and Zones - Effective October 2014
Street Sign Inspection and Maintenance Policy - Adopted January 2014

Public Works and Engineering


Current Projects:

SR20 Corridor Freight Mobility and Revitalization Project
Phase 1 - SR20, Cook Road Realignment and Extension Project

  • TIB Award Presentation -
    Mayor Mike Anderson and Steve Gorcester-TIB Executive Director
  • Project Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - September 3, 2014

Skagit Talks - radio interview
Mark Freiberger, PE, Director of Public Works - August 13, 2013

Cook Road re-alignment and roundabouts

Note: Click on the date above - this will take you to the KSVR-FM Audio Archives.

Second Project Open House

First Project Open House

SR 20, Cook Road Realignment and Extension Project: (for Contractor Download)

Upcoming Projects (subject to funding):

2015 Greenstreet Boulevard/Dean/Virgina Sewer, Water & Street Project

SR20 Cascade Trail
West Extension Phase 1 - Rhodes Road to Ferry Street

SR-9/Jameson Arterial Extension Project

SR-20 Corridor Freight Mobility and Revitalization Project

Jones/John Liner Road RR Undercrossing Project

Completed Projects:

  • 2014 LED Street Light Retrofit Project
  • 2014 Third Street Sidewalk and Pavement Improvements Project
  • 2014 Bingham Park Sidewalk Project
  • SR9/N. Township Pavement Patch Repairs



  • SR-9 Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Improvements Project
    McGarigle to Summer Meadows Court
    Lucas Drive to Park Cottage Place
  • 2013 Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project
  • 2013 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Repair Project
  • 2012 City Pavement, Pedestrian and Utility Improvements Project
  • SR-20, Metcalf Street to SR9/Township Street Lane Widening & Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements Project
  • TIB Award Presentation -
    Mayor Mike Anderson, Steve Gorcester-TIB Executive Director and Senator Mary Margaret Haugen
  • Project Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - April 12, 2012
  • 2012 Greenstreet Blvd Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project

  • Garden of Eden Road/W. Jones Road Intersection

  • 2011 Sanitary Sewer Pipeline and Manhole Improvements Project
  • 2011 Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Sanitary Sewer Project
  • 2011 Sewer Repair - SR-20 and SR-9
  • 2011 Road Resurfacing
    • Reed Street from Northern Avenue to Southern Street
    • Haines Street from Northern Avenue to Highway 20
    • 8th Street from Jameson Street to Alexander Street


  • Fruitdale Road and McGarigle Road Improvements and SR9 Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Improvements Project; Ribbon Cutting - July 22, 2010

  • SR-20 / F&S Grade Road and Skagit Industrial Park Roadway Improvement; Ribbon Cutting - November 5, 2009
  • SR-9 Sewer Extension Project
  • 2009 CIPP Sewer Improvements Project
  • 2010 Wetland Mitigation Planting Project
  • SR-9 Township Trenchless Sanitary Sewer Improvments Project
  • 2008 CIPP Sewer Improvements Project
  • McGarigle CIPP Sewer Improvements Project
  • Phase 2 SR-20 Sewer System Improvements

Public Works and Engineering

Capital Improvement Program and Public Works Design Standards

Sedro-Woolley Capital Improvement Program
Sedro-Woolley Public Works Design Standards