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Fire Department

Mailing and Physical Address:
325 Metcalf Street
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

Phone: 360-855-2252
Fax: (360) 855-0196


Important Notices

If you would like to order an address sign please click on the picture and the form will appear for you to download and mail in to:

City of Sedro-Woolley
Attn: Jo Ann Lazaron
325 Metcalf Street
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

"Be There: Inspire | Volunteer" - A Public Service Announcement from the Washington State Fire Fighter Association and the Washington Fire Chiefs Association
Understanding the Washington State Carbon Monoxide Alarm Laws
Voice Over Internet (VoIP) Warning
Earthquake Preparedness
CPR and First Aid Classes Offered

General Information

The Sedro-Woolley Fire Department was formed by 25 volunteers in 1921. We currently have 36 active volunteer members, a paid fire chief, one paid asstistant fire chief/training officer, and two paid firefighters.

VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: If you're interested in becoming a Voluteer Firefighter and learning more about what we do, feel free to to give us a call for more information, or check our Employment page to see if there are any openings. If we are not currently hiring Volunteers and you wish to be placed on our waiting list to be notified of our next test date, feel free to fill out an application or give us a call.

RESIDENT PROGRAM: The Resident Program is where staff can live at the fire station in exchange for duty hours. Men and women both live at the station seven days a week, and are on duty for two of those days. Duty staff are required to respond to all calls and complete duty tasks. The tasks typically include cleaning the living quarters, doing inventory and maintenance of the fire engines.

INCIDENT STATISTICS: If you would like to see our latest compilation of incident statistics, click here.

PRIVACY PRACTICES: The City of Sedro-Woolley Fire Department is committed to protecting your personal health information. We are required by law to maintain the privacy of health information that could reasonably be used to identify you, known as “protected health information” or “PHI.” We are also required by law to provide you with a detailed Notice of Privacy Practices (“Notice”) explaining our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your PHI. We respect your privacy, and treat all healthcare information about our patients with care under strict policies of confidentiality that our staff is committed to following at all times. PLEASE READ THE DETAILED NOTICE. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT IT, PLEASE CONTACT The City of Sedro-Woolley Fire Department Compliance officer at 360-855-2252 or by email.

Fire Department


Fire Chief

Dean Klinger

(360) 855-2252, EXT 2016

Assistant Fire Chief

Todd Olson

(360) 855-3208

Firefighter Quarters
(360) 855-3209
(360) 855-0196

Battalion Chief

Gerald Chandler


Chet Griffith


Josh Carpenter


Jerry Gardner


Frank Wagner


Ron Hyatt


Dave Bates

Russ Knott
Brendan O'Neill
Jenn Hawkings
Arron Boeh
Ronald Kesti
Gregg Haddick

Glen Gardner
Ricky Williamson
Dave Williams
Phil Lanphere
Ariel Wesson
Travis Harris

Wesley Armey
Craig White
Mellissa Williams
Travis Clifton
Kevin Crye
Micheal Mejia

Ryan Lockwood
Adrian Mintz
Ryan Rettinghouse
Troy Hanson
M. Auckland
Jason Temple
Cathie Temple

Eric Strinden
Support Officer
Wendy Tingly

Fire Department


Training Information

CPR & First Aid
Firefighter Book
Training Links


Training SOG's

Mentor Program

Live Fire Training Facility

Facility Use Agreement
Training Facility Fees
Live Fire Students Prerequisite Letter

Extrication Competition Team

Click here for photos

Training Site Photos

Fire Department


< 5515 is a 2010 109 foot Ariel Quint with a Spartan Chassis made by Rosenbauer. It has a waterous pump with a 400 gal poly tank. This vehicle responds to commercial and residential fires. It has a cascade system on it to fill our SCBA bottles. It response to rescue calls, carrying all of the rope rescue equipment. It can carry a crew of six.

< 5511 is a 2003 Darley pumper, capable of pumping 1500 gallons per minute (GPM). This engine has a 1000-gallon water tank, five jump seats, and holds a total crew of six. 5511 is first out on fire responses, such as residential and commercial structure fires, brush fires, and any other fire response.
13 < 5513 is a 1991 Darley pumper, capable of pumping 1250 gallons per minute (GPM). This engine has an 850-gallon booster tank, two jump seats, and a total crew of four. 5513 is second out on fire responses, such as residential and commercial structure fires, brush fires, and any other fire response.
< 5512 is a 1996 H & W International pumper. This apparatus is capable of pumping 1500 GPM, and has a 1000-gallon booster tank. This vehicle has a crew of four, and three of the seats are equipped with airpacks. 5512 is first out on car fires, motor vehicle accidents (MVA’s), or any extrication situation. It is third out on any fire response. The Jaws of Life is stored onboard as well.

16 < 5516 is a 2005 Freightliner tender. It has a Darley 1000 GPM pump, and holds 3000 gallons. It is equipped with 12” x 12” quick dump on the rear end. This apparatus has two 150’ 2 ½” preconnects, and has a portable tank in mid compartment.
18 <5518 is a 2008 Ford Mini Pumper.  This vehicle is designed to respond on Vehicle Accident, Vehicle Fires and Brush Fires.  It can carry a crew of 5 and holds 300 gallons and can pump 150 gpm.
19 < 5519 is a 2006 Road Rescue / Ford ambulance. This vehicle has split crew ALS capabilities, a gurney inside, and can transport if needed. 5519 is first out on aid calls and second out on MVAs

< 5510 is a 2005 Ford F-250 pickup truck. This is used on fires and as a general utility truck for Command. 5510 is also equipped with 4 wheel drive.


< The Chief's Vehicle is a 2004 Ford Escape. This vehicle is also equipped with 4 wheel drive and has a command center box located in the rear of the vehicle. He would respond on the radio as 5501

< The MIC (Mobile Incident Command) Vehicle responds to larger incidents; Fire or Police. The vehicle carries extra radios, equipment and documents to help mitigate the emergency at hand.

Fire Department


Business Safety Tips

Business Fire Safety Brochure

In-the-Home Safety Tips

Carbon Monoxide
Fire Safety at Home
Candle Safety
Babysitter Safety
Electrical Safety
Kitchen Safety
It won't happen to me
Earthquake prepareness

Holiday Safety Tips

Safety when traveling
Holiday Tree Safety
Winter Holiday

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Use
Fire Extinguisher Courses

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is a high priority for us. The department visits local schools each fall during Fire Prevention Week, usually the second week of October. Visit the National Fire Safety Council website for more information about fire prevention:

Fire Inspections

The Sedro-Woolley Fire Department has adopted the International Code Council (ICC) fire codes. For more information about these codes please visit the following sites:

The fire department conducts hundreds of fire inspections each year. If you would like to know when your business is scheduled for its next inspection or would like to schedule one, call our office at (360) 855-2252 or e-mail These inspections are conducted to keep the businesses in the city free from fire, to prevent the spread of fire, to assure that fire systems are operational and that there is proper egress in case a fire or emergency does occur.  It is your right to be safe as you enter an establishment to conduct business.

Fire Department


Our station, 325 Metcalf St. Sedro-Woolley.

Sedro-Woolley Christmas Parade 2003


Fire Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City of Sedro-Woolley have a disaster plan?
The City of Sedro-Woolley has officially adopted Skagit County's plan. The disaster plan is available on their website at:

Why does a fire engine and an ambulance go to every call?
In Skagit County, the fire department is almost always dispatched to a medical call with an ambulance. That's because there are times when the ambulance crew needs extra help. In addition, many of the firefighters are first responders or emergency medical technicians (EMT's). This insures that medical care is begun immediately after the fire department arrives, and continues until the ambulance takes over patient care.

Can I get my blood pressure checked at the fire station?
Yes, M-F 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. There is no charge.

Do I need a burn permit to burn in the city limits? Where do I get one?
As of January 1, 2001, it is illegal to burn anything inside the city limits of Sedro-Woolley or its Urban Growth Area. The only exception is recreational burns, such as campfires. This is state law, and as such the city is required to enforce it. You can download map by clicking here.

Why do the stoplights change when a fire engine goes by?
One of the most dangerous things that we must deal with in the fire department is not fires, but driving to calls. This is where a major portion of injuries and deaths occur. To help cut down on accidents and traffic congestion, most ambulances and fire engines in Skagit County have a device called Opticom. This is a strobe light like device that is mounted on the top of the fire truck, near the light bar. When activated, this light triggers the stoplights to green in the direction of travel. This allows traffic to move smoothly and minimizes the chances of an accident.

Why do I have to stay 500' behind a fire engine?
Because we frequently need to stop suddenly, and if you're to close there could be an accident.

Do you give tours of your station to groups or organizations?
Yes. Please call 855-2252 for more information.

When can I shoot off fireworks?
Only on July 4 from 9:00 AM until 11:00 PM. It is illegal to set off fireworks any other time.

What should I do if I see a fire engine on the street or highway?
It doesn't matter if the engine is behind or in front of you. Simply slow to a stop and go to the your right shoulder of the road. That way we have the extra room on the road for passing motorists. If you are in an intersection please simply stay put. We will drive around you (into the oncoming traffic if necessary).

Can I run over a hose that's across the street?
No, please do not run over a hose that's across the street. In addition to disrupting the water supply to our fire engine, running over a hose can also seriously damage our equipment. Please approach the nearest firefighter and ask for assistance. They will be happy to help get over the hose without damaging anything.

Who do I call to do fire inspections?
Call 855-2252 M-F from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to schedule and appointment. There is no charge.

Can women join the Sedro Woolley Fire Department?
Yes! We want all types of volunteers. Women are welcome to volunteer alongside any other firefighter.