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City Hazardous Weather Update, January 17, 2020

Jan 17, 2020
From: Leo Jacobs
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2020 7:49 AM
To: Serena Mynatt; #sw-city-finance; Eron Berg; Mayor Julia Johnson; Mark Freiberger

Subject: Garbage and Recycling Routes


Fridays Commercial is normal today.
Fridays Residential is normal today.

What to expect:

Thursdays route went well, we got everything on the flat land. But no hills. Then the drivers went back over Wednesdays route as much as they could before dark.

Today’s routes are mostly flat, even with the black ice and small amount of snow we should get it all done, then we will go back for more of Wednesdays route. We will leave the hills on Thursdays route for next week. With how slippery it is and the black ice there is no need to take chances.

If we get any call ins please tell them it is best to hold over we will get it all next week for no charge. We will be running a curbside recycling truck next week on Wednesday and Thursday to clean up any of the customers, we might have not been able to get.

Thank you for your patience.

Leo Jacobs
City of Sedro Woolley
Solid Waste & Fleet Department Manager