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Skagit County Outdoor Burn Ban Lifted

Effective October 2, 2017 and until further notice, residential yard and land-clearing fires are permitted in unincorporated Skagit County.

Burn permits are required for piles exceeding four feet by four feet. Burn permit requests may be submitted by phone at (360) 416-1840. Requests will be processed in the order received.

Residential yard and land-clearing fires may contain only natural vegetation (leaves, grass, and tree trimmings). Garbage, household trash, lumber, building construction waste, or demolition debris may not be burned.

Please burn responsibly. Remember smoke, odor, or ash that unreasonably interferes with the use and enjoyment of neighboring properties is prohibited.

If your property is within an incorporated city or town, or within an urban growth area, please contact your local fire department for burn restriction information.

If you have questions about open burning in Skagit County please contact the Skagit County Fire Marshal’s Office at (360) 416-1840, or visit our Outdoor Burning webpage at

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